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What Could You Do With Massive Funding?

Updated: Apr 30, 2020

What do you think the main difference is between well known, successful artists and unknown artists that rap just as good, sing just as good, have great songs, and look like true artists / celebrities? The answer - FUNDING! At some point in their career, someone (their record label, investors, etc.) spent a LOT of money making them well known through Public Relations, great music videos, tour buy-ins, marketing spends, Spotify Playlist Promotion, Radio Promotion, and on and on... Take a moment to think about what would change about your career if over the next six months, you hired a PR agent, shot great music videos and did real YouTube marketing on those videos, bought into some tour dates with a successful artist that matches your genre, got lots of followers and spins on Spotify, even got your song charting on radio? That is the key difference funding can make. Don't clock off years writing and demoing great music wondering why you aren't successful - go get some funding and make it happen! Need ideas on how to get funding? I've created a free course to show you how it is done:). Check it out -

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